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About us

History of Don Barrow Rally Navigation Equipment Founded 1969

don-barrow-1a.jpgIn the 1960's Everyone was desperately searching to purchase an Eolite and Don thought to himself, can I make a Map Magnifier which is either better or equal to the Eolite! He tried and tried during the years 1969 - 1971 and eventually managed to make all the moulds, punches, dies and tooling etc, to enable him to produce his very own Don Barrow Light.

These are still produced and moulded into shape on the very same original dies that Don made 50 years ago. The original DB Lights were grey in colour, then  changed  to orange and finally the current black versions. You can usually gauge the seriousness of a Navigator by the type of Map Magnifier they are using.

Later the business diversified and now manufactures Cockpit and Pacenote lighting, Tulip Road Book software, and is a key reseller for a number of high profile motorsport equipment brands.

Don Retired in 2020 and although still working with the business in a consultancy role, the operations have passed over to Christiaan Frickel (Jan) who will continue the manufacture of the original Map lights using the original machines that Don built.

img-1462.jpegChristiaan, better known as Jan has been involved in motorsport since birth, which as it happened delayed the start of a well known welsh event due to the late Gerdi Frickel rushing back from the Wrexham Maelor hospital to the start line! Gerdi a long standing member of the Chester Motor Club in the 60's and 70's built and rallied regularly throughout the period.