Map Magnifiers

Don Barrow Map Magnifiers

Moulded in black PVC with a holding handle to locate in position on the map. All models have a milled internal groove to accept any of the Don Barrow Graticule Baseplates. The 'standard B01 supply' 1:50,000 Baseplate simply clips into the lower groove, to provide a printed Graticule which enables you to either plot Map References or measure distances on the map, see below for all other Scales and LED Options. All Pro-models are fitted with a Superior Quality 113mm dia x 1.5 +/- magnification (50+/-% larger) Crystal Glass Plano Convex Lens. The various models have different switching and bulb fitments. For replacement Bulb, you now have a choice of either 5 Watt Soft White LED or 5 Watt Red LED Bulb or the universally available cheap to replace 5 Watt Festoon Bulb, all available from my DB Spares page. The only Map Magnifiers with interchangeable Graticule Baseplates 1:25,000, 1:50,000, 1:100,000, 1:150,000, 1:200,000, Magic Eye & Distance Training Scales


  • Buy the Best Rally Map Magnifiers Superior Clear Crystal Glass Lens
  • Best Value for Money LED Map Magnifiers 100% 'True Colour' Magnification
  • Crystal Glass Rally LED Map Magnifiers Superb 100% +/- Optical Clarity
  • Plot & Bash Rally LED Map Magnifiers 113mm Plano Convex Lens
  • Plot & Bash Map Magnifiers 1.5 +/- magnification (50% +)
  • My Favourite Map Magnifier for Rallying Size - Height 106mm x 120mm Dia
  • Recommended Map Magnifier for Rallying Brilliant illumination
  • Highly Recommended Best Map Magnifier for Navigating For Precise Map reading
  • Which is the Best Map Magnifier Budget or Professional
  • Recommended Map Magnifier for Rally Navigation Left or Right Holding Handle
  • I want a Left Handed Map Magnifier for Rallying Left or Right Flex Entry
  • Map Magnifier with Romer Baseplate Operates on 12 Volts
  • Loupe for Rallying Plain ended Flex (No Plug)
  • Loupe for night Rally Navigation Choice of Bulb or LEDs
  • 12 volt Rally Map Magnifiers Choice of Graticule Baseplate
  • Crystal Clear Map Magnifiers Easy Change Bulb
  • Finest Rally LED Map Magnifiers Rheostats DON'T dim LEDs
  • Rally Mega bright LED Map Magnifiers LEDs use little electrical current
  • LED Tungsten Bulbs Rally LED Map Magnifiers Designed for Road Rally Navigation
  • Road Rally Map Magnifiers Ideal for Classic Road Rally events
  • Classic Rally Map Magnifiers Ideal for Vintage cars
  • Regularity Rally Map Magnifiers 1:50,000 Romer B/plate - Plot & Bash
  • Stage Rally Map Magnifiers The Navigators 'Dream Machine'

Tips on using
Don Barrow Light Map Magnifiers


  • Always switch on at least 20 Minutes before use, this allows the lens to warm up and reduce any condensation that may occur
  • Don't be tempted to cut a hole in the side of the Magnifier body, this let's the light shine out directly into your drivers face
  • Plotting Map References, looking through the Lens, set up the Romer on the exact spot, affix your eyes through the Romer onto the Map
  • Tilt the Map Magnifier and with your eyes still affixed on the exact spot, mark your Map, this needs practise to perfect
  • Always make sure you have the correct Baseplates to suit the Maps you are using
  • Remove the protective film from all new Baseplates
  • Use the divisions on the Reflector Scale to measure short distances - see below
  • 0.05 or 1/20th of a Mile on 1:25,000 Maps
  • 0.1 or 1/10th of a Mile on 1:50,000 Maps
  • 0.3 or 3/10ths of a Klm on 1:100,000 IGN Maps
  • 0.5 or 5/10ths of a kLm on 1:150,000 Maps
  • 0.6 or 6/10ths of a Klm on 1:200,000 Maps
  • Replace the flex after every 20 Rallies, the inner wires tend to snap inside the rubber grommet
  • Spare Bulbs are always essential, they never blow when you carry spares!