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Terratrip Tripmeters - Calibration

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  1. At the Start of the measured Test Distance, whether Mile or Kilometre.
  2. Line up the centre of the front wheel with the Start marker
  3. ZERO all Displays
  4. Set the CALC setting digits to 0100
  5. Drive the set Distance and bring the centre of the front wheel in line with the Finish marker.
  6. Make a note of the Recorded Numbers now showing in the Display Windows (e.g.. 19.76 = 1976)
  7. re-set the CALC setting exactly to the same numbers in step 6, in this example set them to 1976.

Tips & Know How

Calibrating your Electronic Tripmeter for optimum results.
An incorrect calibration setting produces an incorrect readout!

NO Wheelspin! and NO Cutting Corners!
Never assume that your last event or Motorway Test session set-up, is correct.
At the Start of every event always recalibrate your Tripmeter to the organisers Test Distance. (who can guarantee what a measured Mile/Kilometre is? no one)
If the Test Distance is greater than 1 Mile/Kilometre, use a calculator and simply divide the Test Result by the Test Distance. e.g.The Organisers specify a Test Distance of.05.50 Miles/Kilometres. (With the Tripmeter in Calibration Mode the Test Result is showing 37.29 which means it is 3729 measured units, which when divided by 05.50 = a Tripmeter setting of 678. Therefore set the switches at 678 (3 switches or digits) or 0678 (4 switches or digits).

If the Test is circular, e.g. 04.20 Miles/Kilometres, drive the Test Distance non-stop for 5 laps and then divide the Test Result by the 5 laps covered and then by 04.20 to give your correct switch settings. This produces a finer tuned Tripmeter and is well worth the effort.