A complete range of stopwatches to cover all types of Motorsport.

For rallying the Fastime RW3 Co-drivers watch is a must for serious co-driver.

For Circuit Racing stopwatches the Fastime 10 stopwatch is unbeatable because of its easy to use one button any time data capture 

The Fastime 26 500 lap data download stopwatch is great value for money. It enables you to download upto 500 split times to a Windows based PC for analysis and printing. USB cable and software is included in the price!


  • Fastime Copilote Watch BlacK Fastime Copilote Watch BlacK

    Fastime Copilote Watch

    The ultimate Co-Drivers & Navigators Stage Stopwatch for storing Stage Times  Pro Co-Drivers Stopwatch As seen on WRC Rallies Top of the Range Look the Part in Style Look smart 40 mm Diameter

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