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Cockpit & Pacenote Lighting

Cockpit & Pacenote Lighting refers to the illumination systems used within the rally car cockpit for map and pacenote reading during motorsport events. These lighting solutions are crucial for enhancing visibility and ensuring the safety of drivers and navigators by minimising light spills and distractions for the driver. The cockpit and Pacenote lighting include overhead roll cage and cage padding-specific designs and can also be used for instrument panel illumination for endurance race cars, optimizing the visibility of gauges and controls using the  UV version.  They are typically integrated into the navigator's area, directly illuminating the map or pace notes for distraction-free illumination. Navigator lighting plays a pivotal role in providing accurate and timely information to drivers while navigating.

The Pace Note Light, Cockpit Light, and Cage Light,  can be used for Map reading, Pace Notes or Regularity Tables on Historic Road Rallies or any time a specialy designed motorsport interior light is needed.

  • Don Barrow Pacenote Light Don Barrow Pacenote Light

    Don Barrow Pacenote light

    Don Barrow - Co-Driver Pacenotes LightOne Size only - Attaches to your Roll Cage Padding The new series of Pacenote Lights has been designed so as not to tamper with or compromise the integrity of your Roll Cage Padding.Made from Lifeline FIA...

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  • CL1W White Cockpit Light

    Cockpit Light

    Don Barrow - Cockpit Lights are designed specifically to address the challenges of lighting Rally papers like average speed tables route book etc. They attach directly to your roll cage and direct a beam of lighting where it’s needed without light...

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  • Don Barrow LED Cage Light Don Barrow  roll cage light

    Don Barrow roll cage light

    The Don Barrow LED roll cage light is a top-of-the-line product by the renowned brand Don Barrow, manufactured in the UK. This light is designed to provide superior illumination and performance for your roll cage needs. Available in various light...

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  • Don Barrow Head Torch Don Barrow Head Torch

    Head Torch

      Features: Headlamp can be angled down up to 90 degree. Elastic headband. LED life 10,000 hours 3 modes: high/ low/ strobe   Specification: LED:  12 COB Light color: White Switch type: Button (on-switch mode-off) Power by: 3 x AAA battery (not...

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