In the 1960's navigators were searching for a quality Map Magnifier and Don knew he could make one which was better than the best available. He designed, developed and tested the new Don Barrow light during the  1969 - 1971. He proved it’s worth in competition, eventually managing to make all the moulds, punches, dies and tooling, to enable him to produce what became the legendary Don Barrow Light. 

These are still produced and moulded into shape on the very same original dies that Don made 50 years ago. The original DB Lights were grey in colour, then  changed  to orange and finally the current black versions. 

You can usually gauge the seriousness of a Navigator by the type of Map Magnifier they are using! 

Since then the business has continued to develop and diversify applying  Don’s many years of experience at the top level Rallying to design and manufacture Cockpit and Pacenote lighting, Tulip road book software and other essential rally equipment. 

Don Barrow Rally has also become a trusted partner and supplier of other complementary high quality motorsport equipment brands, like Brantz, Terrtrip, Lifeline and Greyston and has recently relocated to larger workshops and new retail space near Chester. 

The original prototype Don Map Magnifiers are available to view at our shop in Chester as well as the full range of Don Barrow products and rally equipment.

Christiaan Frickel (Jan)