• WP Timer (WPT001)

    WP Timer (WPT001)

    This new electronic precision stopwatch has been specially developed for the timing of historic regularity rallies, historical and modern motorsport.   The innovative technology of the WP Timer makes the electronically programmable stopwatch a...

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  • Brantz Timer V2 (BR32V2)

    Brantz Timer V2 (BR32V2)

    The Brantz Timer is a Multifunctional Stopwatch specially designed for Historic Regularity & Jogularity Rallies, as well as other Historic and Modern Motorport.   The Brantz Timer maintains the same height and display size as the Brantz range of...

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  • Brantz Marshalling Clock by Don Barrow Brantz Marshalling Clock by Don Barrow

    Brantz Marshalling Clock (BR42)

    The Marshalling Clock features Hours, Minutes, Seconds and Hundreds of a Second. Its primary function is to hold the time of day for logging purposes when a competitor completes a stage of the competition, then restore the current time of day after the...

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